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Set the time period of the % change you want to get notified. For example if you select 0.5% change of time period of 2min, that means if in 2min time the price rises by 0.5% you will get notified. And if you set -0.5% you will get notified when price falls by -0.5% in period of 2min.

Registred users can use most of functions such as receive alerts to e-mail and receive alerts to sms instantly.
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What are alert types? offers several alert types.
Price reach alert : This alert notifies user when a price has felt down or rised to a given number by the user. For example user sets that notify me when BTC price drops to 7500$ then notify me.
Price % change alert : This alert is set by user. If a user inputs alert to notify user when a BTC pice rises by 5%, the user will receive a notification once the BTC price change will reach the inputed 5%.