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Buy Low Sell High Trap

It's common to hear from inexperienced traders that it's safe to buy when price has plunged far down, and sell when price reaches steap pikes. But it's harder to do than sad, if you make decision based on some sort of data rather than simple gut feeling. There is no coincidence why people use technical analysis and i also encourage to do so, no one knows how market will react but you can minimize risk in the same time increase potential reward. People often say in trading there is no place for emotions, but in crypto when there is easy access to market for ordinary people you can be assured they will learn this lesson in hard way. It's ideal for traders because there is high volatility = proffit. Downtrends ar much steeper than uptrends, there dominates fear emotion and if you have trained eye to spot W pattern and other indicators supports trend reversals you can "jump in game". To spot when uptrend loses strength it's much harder, but not impossible... watch for M pattern and follow strong indicator messages. Remember to use volume as one corner stones before make decisions, understand how this information can benefit. For possible indicators i will discuss in future posts.

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Buy Low Sell High Trap

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