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Analysis and decision making

Financial system in itself is very complex mechanic, it includes all sort information in the same time impacts day to day life in real world. To be able read market moves and stay one step ahead of market and profit by doing that you need to learn not only how to read charts, but to be well informed with information that relates to particular coin / company.

To achieve such goal you need to find midle ground of Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, it's called Rational Analysis.

To define terms:

Technical Analysis: The study of market-related data as an aid to investment decision making

Fundamental Analysis: The study of company-related data as an aid to investment decision making

Rational Analysis: The juncture of the sets of technical and fundamental analysis


Technical analysts believe that all useful information is already included in price structure. Therefore the best source of information is the price structure itself. Fundamental analysts estimate the worth of share based on coin (company) and economic factors and compare their estimate with the market price. If there is a sufficient discrepancy, they act. In essence , technicians believe that the market is right, while fundamental analysts believe their analysis is right.

Keep in mind both of them are seperate in the same time there is a relationship between them.

No matter which of these two analysis takes lead, if you understand and study both of them as rational analysis, you will have upper hand in decision making.

For Fundamental analysis:

Read whitepaper, study coin / company history, roadmap, how many followers are in social networks, are they active, when was last code update at + Check if there is more than title change etc.

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Analysis and decision making

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