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In what ways is Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin?

Some argue that Bitcoin Cash is “better” than Bitcoin because it often has

  • faster transactions,
  • lower fees,
  • and is more profitable to mine.

This argument is however misleading.

While it is true that Bitcoin Cash generally has lower fees (here and now with both coins in their current state), both Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash have rather slow transactions, high fees, and suffer from mining not being all that profitable for the average Joe compared to other coins.

Meanwhile, some complain that Bitcoin is too centralized, that Bitcoin Core’s team is somehow too powerful.

However, Bitcoin Cash is even more centralized, and their core team are some of the most powerful holders and miners in the world.

Most of Bitcoin Cash mining is done out of Korea and the bulk of the coin is owned by just a few people (in fact two notable people, Jihan Wu and Roger Ver [follow them on Twitter if you’d like to hear their side], control so much of the Cash and Hash they are almost household names in the Bitcoin community).

The bottom line is that, while Bitcoin Cash has some features that beat Bitcoin on the average day, it isn’t “better” by every metric and meanwhile…. NEITHER Bitcoin nor Bitcoin Cash beat out other top coins on every metric.

Instead, as noted, some coins are better for some things, other coins are better for other things. They all pair nicely on a good day, but of course, the past few month haven’t all been filled with nice and good days.

So in comparing Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash, the truth is Bitcoin Cash is not better or worse than Bitcoin. It’s just different. The two can co-exist on the market, along with many other cryptocurrencies including Ripple and Ethereum, to name a few. But the important thing to remember is that despite having similar names, they are two entirely separate currencies.

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In what ways is Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin?

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